WE IMPACT is a volunteers led organization registered with IRS as a 501c(3) Non-Profit org. While we are fairly new as an organization, some of our projects have been running for several years under the guidance of few of our Founding Directors.

The ‘Global Blind Academy’ for instance is a larger derivative of ‘Audio Books for Blind’ program run by two of the Founding Directors. This program started as a neighborhood program for students to do some volunteer work during their summer vacation. The popularity of the program was so good that it picked steam and scaled way beyond just school kids. Today there are volunteers from over 20 countries contributing their time and voice to record Audio Books for Blind Kids in India, Southeast Asia and Africa. The Global Blind Academy is therefore a much more planned program with a much larger scope of making Blind Kids self sufficient and well trained enough for the Job market.

Similarly, the Tracking the Faceless is another program which has been running since 2016. Multiple levels of discussions with Federal Agencies and Law Enforcement officials has led to the Non-intrusive, Non-Privacy violating solution to be formed for the fight against Human Trafficking.


With it’s Headquarters in Greater Dallas Region (DFW), WE IMPACT has it’s operations in Georgia and Texas. Our plans are to increase the operations to Florida and California by the end of the year.


As with every volunteer led efforts, having a well defined team structure always helps. WE IMPACT team is structured based on ‘Functional Tasks’ and ‘Program Needs’

Our Work

Our Volunteers work on several programs or functional areas.

Volunteering for 'Global Academy for Blind' program

Volunteering for ‘Global Academy for Blind’ program

A dedicated team following a 3 phased approach to create a repository of Schools and Universities course curriculum based Audiobooks. The Final phase puts in place a Global Academy for Blind Kids to graduate from free of cost.

Volunteering for 'Yoga for Veterans' program

Volunteering for ‘Yoga for Veterans’ program

A dedicated team of Volunteers imparting free Yoga training sessions for Veterans. These sessions are conducted by Licensed Yoga Gurus and are designed primarily for Veterans as a Trauma therapy

Volunteering for 'Yoga for Incarcerated' program

Volunteering for ‘Yoga for Incarcerated’ program

Free Yoga training for the Incarcerated - Juvenile, Women and Men. Yoga training conducted free of cost within Correctional Facilities.

Volunteering for 'International Adopted Children' program

Volunteering for ‘International Adopted Children’ program

The mission for Volunteers is to track over 280,000 children who have been adopted and brought into US. The end goal is to verify every child is safe and is well taken care of.

Volunteering for 'Circle of WE'

Volunteering for ‘Circle of WE’

WE IMPACT's largest program focused on addressing Domestic Violence issue. Our Volunteers are focused on helping the Victim become a Survivor. Thereafter the Survivor is supported to become an Empowered individual. A series of sub programs help with this Transition.

Volunteering for 'Tracking the Faceless' program

Volunteering for ‘Tracking the Faceless’ program

Its one of the most complex program undertaken by WE IMPACT Volunteers to counter Human Trafficking. Massive usage of advanced technology to do facial tracking and identifying a potential victim as early as possible.

Volunteering for Grant Pursuits

Volunteering for Grant Pursuits

A dedicated team of Volunteers work as Functional Leads such as Grant Writers & Grant Pursuits. The team does their own research and is spread across several geographical locations

Volunteering for WE IMPACT Outreach

Volunteering for WE IMPACT Outreach

A group of Volunteers within WE IMPACT form the Outreach team which works with Corporates, Businesses, Program Partners, Community Partners and Volunteers. It's also responsible for various kinds of Events.

Volunteering for WE IMPACT's Operations team

Volunteering for WE IMPACT’s Operations team

This is the backroom work stuff. This dedicated team ensures that Goals are met by each team and to make that happen, they go out of the way to coordinate activities, remove any hinderances, streamline processes etc. HR, IT & Admin are part of this dedicated group of Volunteers.

What We Believe

Unlike several other Non-Profits who do their best to support the needy, WE IMPACT works toward making the needy self reliant. WE help them achieve skills levels or acquire additional training to help them get jobs. Our programs are designed keeping in mind a long term handholding and support rather than support for a short duration.

  • We believe in providing essential basic education to the visually impaired
  • Our Academy for Blind programs are designed keeping the Job market in mind
  • Our plans for Vocational training centers for Visually Impaired are mainly to help the VI develop skills for the Job market
  • The Circle of WE approaches Domestic Violence victim with a wholistic solution
  • The Circle of WE program helps a Victim move out of Victimhood and first become a Survivor
  • The Circle of WE program then goes on to help the Survivor acquire skills & connections and there after help the victim become 'Self Reliant'
  • Our 'Yoga for Veterans' program continues with the same positive vibe of helping a traumatized Veteran or a Veteran seeking help gain better control over his/her body and mind. This goes on to give them a long lasting positive effect
  • Our 'Yoga for Incarcerated' is designed to help those in correction facility to reunite with their inner self. To rediscover peace and virtue through Yoga therapy


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