Board of Directors

WE IMPACT has four Founding Directors who continue to seed, nurture and inspire a large group of Volunteers. The Founding Directors are actively involved in the day to day operations of the organization by giving it direction and guidance to all of the existing projects.

Badri Singh 

Badri is the Founding Directors and Chair of WE IMPACT’s Board. He was instrumental in establishing WE IMPACT in early 2019. He is the architect of several of WE IMPACT’s programs and continues to guide the team on a regular basis.

As the Founder of US IMPACT Advocacy (the largest Indian American advocacy team in US with presence in 29 states), Badri has led several advocacy efforts of the Indian American diaspora in US. He is also the Co-Founder of Karma Foundation where he first conceptualized the ‘Tracking the Faceless’ – a cutting edge technology based solution to counter Human Trafficking.

During his early years in India and as a High Schooler, Badri was deeply involved in India’s ‘Literacy for All’ program where he used to help several Adults with basic education through Night Classes. During the year 1999, Badri was involved in search, rescue and humanitarian mission for several months – after the Super Cyclone devastation in the costal state of Odisha (India) left over 10,000 people dead. He continued his Volunteer activities by leading the NGO “Alambana” – a Satyam Computers Charity initiative for Teen Education & Rehabilitation.

As part of WE IMPACT, he continues to play an important role of Operations Director facilitating all the Program teams to achieve their success criteria.

Amit Warkad

Amit is one of WE IMPACT’s Founding Directors and a Board Member.
He’s been involved in Social and Political Advocacy for over a decade.  He has championed numerous Advocacy efforts while working with multiple Social welfare and Political organizations. He has been instrumental in designing and launching the programs along with the core teams. His expertise on program viability and sustainability is something which the Board counts on before taking any decision on major initiatives. He is responsible in rolling out processes and procedures for WE IMPACT and keeping the organization compliant to IRS guidelines and maintaining A+ rating as a Non Profit.

WE IMPACT owes it’s rapid growth and outreach to Amit’s leadership. Currently,  Amit leads the Finance function within WE IMPACT with special focus on Fundraising and soliciting Grants.

Radhika Suda

With over two decades of social service experience, Radhika leads the WE IMPACT Programs team as the Executive Director.
Her work as a Grassroots leader for Ekal Vidyalaya ( is legendary. As the first ever female full-timer in US, called Pracharika, – Radhika opened up the doors for many young girls and women to become full-time volunteer for a short duration of time from their college studies or work life. She’s held several positions in leading Non-Profit organizations such as HSS Regional Director for Georgia; Communication & Outreach Director for HSS South East Zone; World Hindu Congress – South East Zonal Director; Vice Chair & Board Member of Federation of Indian American (FIA) association of Georgia; Georgia Chapter Head for FIIDS (Foundation for India and Indian Diaspora Studies); Regional Director and Board Member of US IMPACT Advocacy (Largest Indian American advocacy group in US)

As a Founding Director and Board Member of WE IMPACT, she plays a critical role in Organizational decision making and has been instrumental in giving structure to each of the existing initiatives. Based out of Georgia, Radhika is a strong advocate for Human Rights especially the rights of women and children. On several occasions, Radhika has led the advocacy team to push for social reforms.

Khush Rawlley

Khush Rawlley is one of WE IMPACT’s Founding Directors & Board Member.  She is responsible for WE IMPACT’s Outreach programs as Public Relations, Community Relations and Government Relations Director. A recipient of 2019 Immigrant Journey Award, Khush is the Co-Founder of Kind Karma Foundation working on Audio Books for Blind and Community Seed Bomb program.

Her work as a Radio Host and a TV Host led her to come across several unknown stars who dedicated their lives to provide social welfare to the most deprived sections of the community. Determined to do something about these stories she had come across, led to the start of Kind Karma and eventually Kind Karma Foundation (registered as a 501c(3) non-profit). Some of the stories from her popular Radio show led to the start of 2 social welfare initiatives of WE IMPACT. “Global Blind Academy” is a derivative of “Audio Books for Blind.” Similarly ‘Tracking the Faceless” is a derivative of some of work done along with Mumbai team which developed a smart phone App to track kids being used by Beggars of Mumbai.

In Pre-Covid era, Khush spent a good amount of time as a Mentor and guide for several budding Entrepreneurs as part of 1 Million Cups. Her work on mentor ship and guidance went one level deeper as a Community Champion for Frisco Incubator Edu program where she provided mentorship to aspiring High School entrepreneurs and also helps raise seed funding for them. Over the past few years, Khush has also contributed as committee member for , Frisco ISD’s Facilities and Programs Evaluation Committee and Frisco ISD’s Long Range Planning Committee. As member of Frisco City’s Charter Review Committee , she was actively involved in in-depth analysis of the city charter. These days Khush spends a good amount of her time as Frisco Community Development Committee member.

Nanda Chatla

Nanda Chatla is one of WE IMPACT- Georgia’s Board Member. With 2.5 decades of social work experience, Nanda is one of WE IMPACT’s most experienced leaders with his involvement with over a dozen non-profit organizations in and around Greater Atlanta. A strong advocate for Organic Farming and Yoga, Nanda teaches yoga and pranayama through out the year. Even during peak Covid days, his online classes for Yoga saw dramatic growth. 

Nanda spends a huge amount of his spare time serving disabled children and senior citizens. He actively engages youth in social work and is a known as a no-nonsense task master. His credibility in social circles can be judged by the part that even a small program Nanda organizes, hundreds of volunteers turn up to help him. Respected by his peers as well as community members, Nanda plays an important role within WE IMPACT as the Tranistional Director for Circle of WE.