Community Partners

It takes a Village to raise a child. WE IMPACT programs are volunteer led programs focused on the weaker section of our community. For programs to achieve success, all stake holders have to pitch in and help. Success of programs such Academy for Blind, Yoga for New Beginning and Circle of WE heavily depends on the support it receives from Community Partners. 

For example – the making of Audio Books for the Blind Kids half the way across the world, needs the recordings to be done in local languages spoken in those regions. Even with 100% volunteer force existing within WE IMPACT, we will not be able to do justice to these requirements. Support from Community leaders and their contacts within Regional language speaking community volunteers helps immensely in fulfilling some of the Audiobooks requirements coming from different parts of the world.

Another such an example of Community Partners support is in tackling the issue of Domestic Violence. In most cases, domestic violence victims do get some solitary time which visiting Community Churches, Temples, Mosques etc. Even community gatherings such as celebrations of a festival – allows the victim to potentially communicate with the outside world of the abuse she or he might be going through. Community Partners help WE IMPACT with the outreach, help and support to such victims. 

In the past Community Leaders have requested WE IMPACT team members to make small presentations during various community gatherings. Our Team is always on standby. We can make ourselves available for community outreach at a very short notice. Some of our “Know Your Rights” collaterals can be distributed by Community Leaders to potential victims. 

To register yourself as a Community Partner organization, please fill in the form below. We believe in mutual help and support for the success of some of these heart touching programs. Also please do feel do drop a note to Kiran ( for a Community Outreach program of WE IMPACT.