FAQ – Donations

Q. What Name should I be writing on the check/ Who should I make the check payable to?
A. We accept checks only in the name of WE IMPACT. Please do not issue check in any individuals name or the name of any volunteer. If someone is insisting you to write a check for WE IMPACT in his or her name, please drop a note to Accounting@we-impact.org

Q. What kind of payment mode is preferred by WE IMPACT?
A. It depends on the volume of payment and how frequently you or your organization wants to donate. Online Payment through our website payment gateway is the most expensive for WE IMPACT but it is also the most convenient. We prefer a direct bank transfer (ACH Payment) which keeps a track of the transactions, brings some level of flexibility (especially for recurring or large contributions) but most importantly – ACH Payments are the most inexpensive mode of receiving donations/contributions for WE IMPACT. We also accept Checks if you are local to one of our Chapters or are fine mailing it across to our Address. All Checks must be in the name of ‘WE IMPACT’

Q. Can I make a Contribution/Donation for a specific cause?
A. Absolutely!! Our website is designed to accept individual program based contribution/donations. It also helps us to identify programs which Contributors/Donors love supporting. When you support a specific program, it also inspires the Program Delivery team. It’s also an inspiring push for them to continue achieving Program Milestones at  a faster rate.
Incase you are writing a check, you may include the Program name in the Memo section.

Q. Will WE IMPACT issue me any document or receipt for my check or donation/contribution? 
WE IMPACT will issue you a receipt for every contribution or donation you make through any of the Payment mediums. Some of our large Donors prefer a W9 to be issued as well, which we will absolutely be more than happy to do so.

Q. Are all my Donations/Contributions to WE IMPACT tax exempted?
A. Yes, WE IMPACT is registered with IRS as a 501c(3) Non Profit organization. Our EIN number is 85-3837163. All Donations and Contributions – cash or kind, are tax exempted.

Q. Is there someone who can answer more questions with regards to Donations or Payments?
A. Yes, please do feel free to get in touch with our Finance & Accounting department by dropping an email to Accounting@we-impact.org