Know Your Rights

One of the root cause of many of the problems being faced by Immigrants from other countries here in US is the Knowledge of Rights or Knowing One’s Rights. Be the case of Victims of Domestic Violence or a Student coming to US on Student Visa, understanding the provisions within the law to protect every person living in US is seldom known to immigrants. The same is the case of any Indian origin immigrant coming to US for the first time.

These lack in One’s understanding of how the Law of the Land is there to protect oneself against any kind of atrocities leads to victimization and the feeling of helplessness. WE IMPACT has carefully understood this as the primary cause of several Domestic Violence within the Indian Community here in US. For the past several months our ‘Know Your Rights’ Team has been working hard to put together an FAQ covering some of the most common laws and issues a Domestic Violence victim should know. These Frequently Asked Question and their Answers have been put together after several interviews of Victims as well as Law Practitioners (ie. Practicing Attorneys and Family Court Judges).

Tanuja Wadekar who has been leading this initiative as part of the Circle of WE program for several months believes that the work is just gotten started. She and her team are now putting together a plan to not only validate all the consolidated questions and answers by Practicing Attorneys of Family Court but they’ve plan to make these details available in every corner of the Indian Community so that a potential victim doesn’t have to go through the harrowing time.

Incidentally, Tanuja and her team of volunteers do have a corporate sponsor who is willing to help them print millions of copies of content collaterals.