Welcome Mastekeers !!!

We welcome Masketeers from all over the Globe to our website. This landing page has been specially created for you and your convenience for the ‘Global Gratitude is Attitude’ day.

Today, you heard two of our Leaders – Radhika & Khush speak about 2 major initiatives. The Circle of WE (A solution for Domestic Violence victims) and Tracking Internationally Adopted Kids (A program started after the untimely death of 3 years old Sherin Mathews). More details about these programs can be found on the respective program pages – Circle of WE <Click> & Adopted Children <Click>.

There are three other initiatives of WE IMPACT.

The Global Blind Academy is a program which was started few years back to address the need for Braille Books in India. More details of this heart warming program can be found here <Click>.

Yoga for New Beginning is a program which has two sections. Yoga for Veterans and Yoga for Incarcerated. While ‘Yoga for Veterans’ is designed for Veterans suffering from PTSD, the Yoga for Incarcerated is designed for those individuals who languish in US Jail System for various reasons. Our Yoga sessions try to help these individuals to connect with their inner self and find peace within themselves. Click here to know more <Click> 

Tracking the Faceless has been one of our oldest programs and the most complex of them all. This program needs a deep sharing of resources between Federal, State, Corporates and Businesses. It attempts to use cutting edge technology such as Facial Recognition system to try and track potential victims of Human Trafficking. It majorly focuses in quick search and rescue of missing children in US. The history of this program lies in India. Feel free to read more about this program here <Click>.

We have put together few questions and answers for your convenience. You are absolutely encouraged to reach out to us incase you do have additional questions.

Q1. How can I get involved?
Ans: This is a regular question we do get most of the times from our Corporate partners. We have put together some possible options for you here <Click>. You will need to reach out to your Corporate Volunteer Coordinator in the long run but as we are still to identify some one for it – feel free to directly reach out to Liz@we-impact.org.

Q2. What’s the time commitment that I should prepare for?
WE IMPACT is run 100% by Volunteers and on Volunteer’s Passion power. Most of our Volunteers are people like you who have day jobs but we do have few volunteers who are into volunteering full time as well. Almost 90% of our internal program coordination and internal calls happen during evening hours or after working hours. We try to push most of our field work to weekends. Our Program team understands work, life and volunteer balance. Our efforts are to work around your schedule based on your convenience. Depending on your availability on a daily or weekly basis, program work may get allocated to you. 

Few things to remember:
1. Go slow at the beginning. You are most likely joining a volunteer organization which works hard and sometimes it can be overwhelming for new volunteers. So take it easy first and understand the team chemistry and ways of working. Feel free to deep dive based on your own interest level and depending on your passion power
2. WE IMPACT will never say a no to volunteer asking for more work. So watch out on work load. You have to self analyze your work/life balance and let us know when to go easy on you

Q3: Can my family get involved?
Absolutely! We do have programs for every member of your family. Children, Youth, Adults as well as Senior Citizens. Anyone and Everyone can Volunteer!! All you got to do is Ask…

Q4: Is WE IMPACT only open for US based volunteers?
This may sound crazy to you, but one of our programs has volunteers from 20 countries. They are all virtually working on the program from Ireland, Tanzania, Singapore etc.. and so Mastekeers from India and UK can also join WE IMPACT as volunteers. This program also saw a huge productivity jump during the Peak Covid Era!!

Q5: What else should we keep in mind?
Donations! WE IMPACT is always looking for help in terms of Financial Help. With bare minimum funding we run this organization on volunteer passion power. But after some time, it comes down to funding. We do have a separate team dedicated to work on getting Govt. grants for some of our programs, but not all programs or functions can get Government Funding. We look forward to Corporates to help us with their CSR Fund allocation and to individuals such as you to Donate with your big heart.
Here’s some insider details for you…. Almost 70% of our Volunteers contribute over 15% of their monthly salary on a regular basis. Some do it even higher. This is mainly because they are highly invested in our program concepts and see the need of those receiving help from our programs as people deeply in need.  

Please Note: All financial contributions received from you are Tax Exempted as we are a registered with IRS as a 501c(3) Non Profit organization. This means if you do donate $2000 to WE IMPACT during this financial year, you do not have to pay taxes for that $2000. WE IMPACT will be issuing you a W9 form individually for the same $2000 for your Tax filing purpose. The Tax exemption is only applicable for those residing and earning in US.