Program Partners

WE IMPACT works with several partners across the nation for fulfilling the needs of the programs. We also provide mutual support to some of their programs. A dedicated team of Volunteers exclusively handle Partner Relations and are also directly involved in programs requesting support of Partner Network or Partner infrastructure.

An example of counting on Partner Network could be as simple as working with Local Veteran Affair teams to reach out to Veterans who need help in dealing with PTSD. The Veteran Affairs team get us connected with the Veteran and WE Impact provides free Yoga training on a weekly basis to these Veterans. But our relationship with Veteran Affairs team doesn’t stop here. At times of need and in a non-critical situation (which doesn’t need calling 911 or Emergency), we count on Veteran Affairs team to help us provide support to victims of Domestic Violence. They do come to the rescue even if that means that the silent rescue happens in the middle of the night. 

WE IMPACT continues to build relationship with several local and statewide organizations providing ‘Shelter Homes during Transition’ and/or ‘Services of a Family Court Attorney’ whenever and wherever needed. As of today, it’s difficult to find a Pan-American partner whom we can work with and so we make an extra effort to maintain a repository of Partners whom we can work with at a short notice. Almost all of the Services provided by WE IMPACT is available to a Partner Network. We believe in mutually supporting each other wherever one lacks and the other has resources available.

WE IMPACT recognizes some of these special partners through our ‘IMPACT Annual Awards,’ which are given to some of our most precious partners who stood by us during the times of need. These Awards and Recognitions and given to ‘Partner Organizations’ as well as ‘Individuals’ during our WE IMPACT Annual Gala held around the week of March 8th (Women’s Day)

To nominate an Individual for these Awards, please revisit this page in the month of January.