The Circle of WE

It’s not just about Rescue but helping them Rebuild their Lives to the level that they gain the ability of helping others.

WE IMPACT has been involved in building an ecosystem which eventually will be able to support itself without external fundings and grants. The Circle of WE creates a sisterhood network where the Once Victim transitions into a Survivor and eventually with the support of the Sisterhood Network builds herself into an Empowered Woman.

The Cycle highlighted below is an interlinked cluster of several smaller projects taken up by the WE IMPACT Team. Each of these programs have their dedicated team members working to achieve a higher goal.

PHASE 1: Victim Support

Know Your Rights

This is one of the more active programs of WE IMPACT with weekly progress monitored by the Executive Director and the Program Management Office.

Victims of Domestic Violence and Abuse: With focus on the victim or potential victim, the program works along with retired judges, practicing attorneys to come up with a comprehensive Dos and Don’ts. It also strives to create awareness within the community on how to detect and notice a domestic violence & abuse happening and what to do next. Our intentions are to make State specific Laws such as – How long should a Husband & Wife stay separated before they can apply for Divorce; What are the Child Custody rules per state etc are made available through a dedicated website, through pamphlets/flyers and through WE CARE Helpline be available and accessible to Victims and Potential victims. Some of these content are designed and printed in regional languages

Know Your Rights program also works with Sitting Judges, practicing Attorneys of Family Courts, Law Enforcement officers and Child Protection Services to make them aware of International Culture not usually seen within American Societies. Making these distinguished members of the society aware and be sensitive to victims helps in managing certain situations which could help the victims from being charged for crimes they didn’t commit. Methods of Communication and response to Law Enforcement officers form a key part of the awareness campaign

WE CARE Helpline

While there are several agencies and Non profit organizations having a 24×7 helpline, most of these are in English or Spanish. There are several victims of Domestic Violence who may not know English or Spanish. Women on dependent visas, Aged parents/senior citizens may have difficulty in communicating their problems and issues over the phone. WE IMPACT’s WE CARE Helpline intends to bridge this gap to quite an extent by having people attending some of these calls having ability to communicate in regional languages which are more popular in parts of India and South Asia. There are very few Organizations which do this today but even these ones do not operate 24×7.

The WE CARE Team is in the process of setting this up and trials of this helpline are going on. WE CARE Team will also undergo additional training and certifications to ensure that we maintain quality and confidentiality of every call coming in based on HIPAA guidelines.


WE CONSULT is one of the most difficult phase in this entire cycle which has been added to these series of Victim Support. At times, victims do call to understand their options. They need information on possible outcomes of a step they may opt for. While WE CONSULT is not officially a Legal Advice or a proper Medical Advice, we try our level best to provide basic humanitarian consultation to the victim. On several occasions, our team has been able to explain basic Visa options such as ‘U’ Visa for a victim who may be on dependent visa. On other occasions, its a legal consultation to understand about Child Custody etc.


On many occasions, a victim may decide to walkaway from the situation without making it too confrontational. While dialing 911 is always advised when a victim is in dangerous or harmful situation, mental tortures and constant trauma may lead a victim to leave everything behind. WE IMPACT has been building a network of support through local Veteran Affairs groups. While our Veterans have served for the country, they are never shy of helping a victim leave or escape their harrowing moments without alerting anyone.

WE IMPACT has a mutual relationship of trust and support with the Veterans. Some of our programs such as Free Yoga for Veterans are designed to help our veterans suffering for War related trauma and PTSD.

PHASE 2: The Smile of a Survivor

WE CARE Legal ++ (Counselor)

WE IMPACT maintains a list of preferred Legal Counselors in several large cities. These Counselors are willing to work with the WE IMPACT ‘Survivor’ on a Pro-Bono basis. They even try to help the Victim/Survivor be being flexible on location and timing to suite the Survivor better. These Legal Counselor help Victims/Survivors with Family Court related issues and in certain cases with Criminal Court related issues/charges. WE IMPACT is also trying to bring in Immigration Lawyers into it’s network to help with Dependent Visa cases wherever need be. On several occasions, the sisterhood network supports the Victim/Survivor wherever possible.


WE Panchatantra program is of a much larger scope of creating a Social Family network of People who have Nobody to count on. The Panchatantra tries to evolve into a 3 Generation (3G) Family system where each member of this support system grows into a foster family supporting each other. The Single Mother Support System taps into this powerful 3G Foster Family network system to seek support whenever necessary and provide back the support whenever and wherever possible.


WE Blessings are small allowances gifted by the WE IMPACT Sisterhood Network and other Philanthropists. These allowances help the Victim/Survivor with additional cost they may incur for their Court Appointments/Hearings related travels as well a items such as toiletries, baby food etc

PHASE 3: The Empowered


The Sisterhood of WE is formed out of Successful Women Entrepreneurs & Volunteers and erstwhile Survivors who were helped by WE IMPACT. These Survivors form the Sisterhood to support each other and advice each other on Business growth, Job Opportunities, Personal/Family issues etc. with the guidance of established entrepreneur


The plans are to build WE Foundation to be able to support the entire Circle of WE program. In most cases Sisterhood of WE contribute about 10% of their earnings (once they are placed and empowered) towards the WE Foundation. This helps in creating a pool of funds to support WE Entrepreneurs Program and Job Search/Placement Agency.