Tracking Internationally Adopted Children

Over 280,000 children have been adopted from several countries and brought into US in the last 2 decades. Here are some statistics for your reference:

  • Over 82% of these kids being adopted or sourced and brought into US are from 10 countries only
  • Most of these adopted kids from China (84%) and India (72%) are girls
  • Between these two countries over 9000 children are above the age of 12 years!!
  • Over 10% of the 9000 kids are above 15 years of age
  • Intercountry Adoption data is maintained by Federal Agencies only and their interest on these kids stops after the Adoption Visa is issued and the child enters the country
  • Child Protection Services gets activated only when a complain on possible harm to a kid is lodged
  • Most of the kids coming in from China and India don’t even know basic english or spanish language
  • Adoption Agencies are hired by Foster Parents as part of the Adoption process which could run into $15,000 to $20,000
  • Agencies get a cut out of these $s being spent by Foster parents (Whose interest do you think the Agencies will try to protect? The Kids or the Foster Parents?



India is a signatory of the Hague Convention Adoption Agreement and still the loop holes are extremely high for any adoption process resulting in harm to a child. The case of Sherin Mathews is know to many. The little girl was murdered by her foster father and on many occassions had suffered bone breaking assault. If this is the result after Hague Convention Adoption Agreement, imagine what would be the scenario for child being adopted from those countries who are not a signatory to the agreement.



At WE IMPACT, we raise questions about this entire adoption process for these top 10 countries.

  • We are worried about those several 1000s of children who make it to US but are not part of ‘Ethical Adoption’
  • We are worried about those 1000s of children who are pushed into Human Trafficking under the pretext of Adoption
  • We are not against ‘Adoption’ but are for stricter rules which eliminate ‘Conflict of interest’ and playing with the lives of children because of greed and mental sickness



  • Tracing Children who have been adopted from different countries (ie India) to check on their well-being
  • Doing a basic check if the Adopted Child has been enrolled in any School or not! This would allow us to raise a red flag if the kids are not going to school
  • Advocating to eliminate  “Conflict of Interest” agencies from the equation through State Legislations
  • Making ‘Cultural Study’ as part of Home Study program for potential parents

Even if we are able to save ‘1’ life, our mission will be considered successful.