Volunteers Needed

WE IMPACT team is always looking for Volunteers but the positions below are highly critical positions for which Volunteers will be evaluated before they are assigned to this role. Job Description is included for these positions

  1. HR and Admin Director (VHR001): The Volunteer inducted for this position will be expected to manage all Volunteer onboarding. This would include getting the NDAs in place, Volunteer Waiver Forms, Login credentials taken care of, Explaining the reporting structures, Explaining the KPIs. HR and Admin director will also be part of the Ombudsman admin group within WE IMPACT
  2. Marketing Director (VMK001):  We are looking for a Volunteer who could join us as the Marketing Director. The Volunteer will be responsible for all our Collaterals, Print & Digital Media, Websites & Events. He or She will work closely with our Outreach Director (GR, PR & CSR Director)
  3. Grant Writers (VGW00X): We are looking for Volunteers who can join us as Grant Writers for Federal, State, County and City Funds. There are multiple positions open for Grant Writers. Geo location is not a concern.

For all of the above mentioned positions, please send your profile to Liz@we-impact.org with the Volunteer Position Code (V…..) mentioned in subject line.

Dated: 04/10/2021